Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are intensely popular and it covers an array of designs. Originally, it was an artwork of the tribes and now it has a distinctive look. The new age tattoos have an influence of the western culture. People are now interested in the symbols and tribal meanings. In fact, the younger generations are experimenting with the new and old tattoos of different local tribes.


Generally, tribal tattoos are bold and have different abstract shapes. They come in black lines and are made of various symbols displaying the tastes of the wearer. It may also have symbols revealing a deeper spiritual meaning. But as such there are no rules and the tattoos may be in colors or also in detailed shading. It is not restricted to black lining any more.

Design Types

Apart from the more modern designs, the other types of tribal tattoos include:

  • Celtic Tattoos: These are considered tribal, though now many traditional bold tribal tattoos are incorporating elements such as detailed knots as Celtic artwork.
  • Historic Tribal Designs: History tribal designs are based on particular tribe, the Maori or Aztec people. Yet, the contemporary tribal designs and the artwork have changed. These look different from the tribal tattoos, but they represent a close bond shared with a particular tribe.
  • Other Images: Tribal designs are abstract. They are used in a creative way to fill the body with recognizable images, such as animals, stars and so on.

The tribal tattoos inspiration does not limit your thoughts and it can come from anywhere. You may show off your cultural roots or opt for a bold statement bringing out the modern tribal designs. The tattoo artists are specializing more and more on these kinds of tattoo designs that are bold and equally represent the tribe, the culture and its importance.