Shellac Nails

The industry of manicure is full of a very durable choice of shellac nails. This treatment of the nails last as long as a month without chipping off or breaking. There is also no need of adding extra coats to it. If you think that you cannot afford to do this treatment at salon then you can try it at home too. All you need to do is to buy the right items and follow the instructions available online. Make sure that the items you use are of good quality.

For durable nails the shellac nails polish is the best option however, it is not suitable for all. It needs a healthy nail bed. If the nail bed and the cuticles are peeling, splitting or damaged, then this treatment cannot be done on them. These issues will impact the durability of a person’s nails hence it is advised to solve these issues prior to the treatment. Moreover, the procedure of removing can damage the cuticles more.

Another advantage of the shellac nails treatment is that it lasts as long as 14 days. Majority of the people find that a nail polish can last for a complete one month however new nail growth might result in sending them back to the salon for another touch up. One should be aware of the fact that shellac is porous. Hence, pool chemicals, cleaning products and other chemicals can cause it to chip or peel.

Where shellac will remain longer than other treatments it needs a lot of home care in order to keep the polish look good and nails healthy. One can apply the cuticle oil to the nails two times in a day. This shall help in keeping the nails healthy under the colors used.

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