Nail Art

Nail art is basically one of the creative ways to decorate the nails. It is a kind of art that can be done on the nails of the finger and the toes. It came to be known commonly in all the beauty salons. Also it is referred to as an activity of fashion. In all this time, this art has become a part of the beauty and fashion whereas in the past it was a part of the social status as well as aristocracy. It falls under the category of manicure and pedicure. There are some techniques which are applied when one is doing these procedures.

The first thing that is used in nail art are the acrylics. These are basically a chemical mixture composed of polymer powder and monomer liquid which can be applied to the nails directly and can also be applied to the artificial nails and extended nails. Another chemical used frequently is the nail gel. This is a mixture same to acrylics. This is applied for several times on the nails and helps in the protection of nails from the LED and UV light. When the gel is applied to the nails it hardens the nails. The distinction between the gel and acrylic is that gel needs UV light to cure and acrylic can dry on its own. Next is the nail polish or a nail varnish which is applied to the nails of fingers and toes in order to protect them and to use them as a base color. A base coat is used for the purpose of strengthening and protecting the nails.

There are a number of options available for nail art. These include the nail piercing. Glitters, water marbling, nail art pen and different accessories.

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