Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas

Garden is once again a beautiful side of your home that is very much your own space. People are now very busy with their schedules and so find relaxation in their own garden and gardening. There are many garden design ideas and some of them include:

Formal Garden Design
Formal gardens have straight walls, hedges and paths featuring bend at right angles. A formal garden is rectangle and is enclosed by walls or hedges. However, the modern formal gardens may also be asymmetrical. Such gardens may have herbaceous flowers planted on the borders and feature pergolas, walled gardens, carpet bedding and terraces.

Informal Garden Design
The main essence of informal garden design ideas is that it is not a straight line. Informal gardens are more informal. Now the informal gardens include wild gardens, hay meadows old-fashioned and prairie-style borders, where it offers a positively untamed effect. Such garden designs have irregular shaped paving areas with lawn edges gently curved.

A traditional garden is a type of a country house garden with a lawn, an herbaceous border, shrubberies, with the fruit and vegetable plot at the end. This is one of the garden design ideas that allows you to put everything and can include even things such as rocks and fishpond and also a work area with compost heaps, cold frames and greenhouse. The traditional garden design can have real wood subtle furniture.

Trendy designers may come up with fascinating garden design ideas. Modern garden designs include colorful sheds, murals on walls, painted pots following the interior decoration and subtropical look plants. Choose a suitable design matching the style of your house.

Garden design can be satisfying and stressful experiences. There are great design ideas, but you should make the right choice to meet your taste and also to match your house d├ęcor.