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Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs

A tattoo design choosing is not very simple, as it varies widely. Generally, tattoo designs are very personal, though popularity is high for certain themes. People who scuffle with tattoo ideas may consider this brief guide to the common categories.

Tribal tattoos are the popular designs. These are worn to represent cultural heritage, or merely to convey the tribe’s messages that were once really significant. For instance, Celtic tattoos denote the cycle of death and rebirth as an endless loop.

Lettering/ Script
Tattoo designs that use words are chosen by people to celebrate the name of their loved one or to convey some specific message. This can be in your own language or it is widely seen in Chinese characters or Hebrew.

The Zodiac is extremely popular as tattoo designs. This is because they represent certain traits or personality of the wearer. It is based on the month they were born. There are plenty of designs to choose from the zodiac star sign.

Nature Tattoos
Here the designs represent the aspects of nature. These designs in tattoo are also highly popular with women and men. Recently, butterflies, fairies and flowers are popular with women and even some of the common choices include snakes, wolves and spiders.

Tattoo designs that are religious mean you can incorporate various religious symbols, highlighting heritage or beliefs.

These designs in tattoo are common with people involved in the military. It gained popularity during the, civil war and was done as a way of showing loyalty. It includes designs such as Flags, anchors, eagles and also camouflages many popular themes.

Tattoos are now highly popular. Yet, you may consider common themes for designs in tattoo. However, it is important to remember that the designs of the tattoo must relate to you, your beliefs or your life.

Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes

Getting tattoo quotes tattooed on the body is becoming highly popular. It has become intense as even celebrities such as Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham are getting them done. Getting tattooed is interesting, but you must know about the kinds of tattoos, its types and about tattoo quotes, before you plan tattooing.

Having tattoo quotes is really cool. Yet following some tips is very helpful. To begin with, consider the quote you wish to have it tattooed on your body. Find a quote reflecting your personality. One more option is to get tattooed a statement that you deeply believe in. There are plenty of common quotes on life and courage or also personal views. Whatever, you choose to the tattooed should be relevant to you and your style of living.

You can always make it more interesting by using some foreign letters or a foreign language. Yet, before getting it tattooed, ask for the meaning and consider if it matches your persona. Remember to always look for meaningful words. Though, it is commonly found that people cliché tattoos that really do not carry any meaning.

Tattoo quotes may be found in the online galleries with the tattoo style or design. You can find thousands of ideas and designs. Yet it is safe to get tattooed a small one as the first trial. This is because removing large tattoos is very difficult and highly expensive.

Considering few important things before tattooing include the choosing of size, font and tattoo quote location. Check the grammar and spelling is correct as it is permanently inked on your body. The size and spacing of the letters must be uniform. Once done with tattoo quotes, take proper care for minimum two weeks. Apply tattoo ointment without fail until it heals completely. Initially, it may be painful, but goes away quickly.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are intensely popular and it covers an array of designs. Originally, it was an artwork of the tribes and now it has a distinctive look. The new age tattoos have an influence of the western culture. People are now interested in the symbols and tribal meanings. In fact, the younger generations are experimenting with the new and old tattoos of different local tribes.


Generally, tribal tattoos are bold and have different abstract shapes. They come in black lines and are made of various symbols displaying the tastes of the wearer. It may also have symbols revealing a deeper spiritual meaning. But as such there are no rules and the tattoos may be in colors or also in detailed shading. It is not restricted to black lining any more.

Design Types

Apart from the more modern designs, the other types of tribal tattoos include:

  • Celtic Tattoos: These are considered tribal, though now many traditional bold tribal tattoos are incorporating elements such as detailed knots as Celtic artwork.
  • Historic Tribal Designs: History tribal designs are based on particular tribe, the Maori or Aztec people. Yet, the contemporary tribal designs and the artwork have changed. These look different from the tribal tattoos, but they represent a close bond shared with a particular tribe.
  • Other Images: Tribal designs are abstract. They are used in a creative way to fill the body with recognizable images, such as animals, stars and so on.

The tribal tattoos inspiration does not limit your thoughts and it can come from anywhere. You may show off your cultural roots or opt for a bold statement bringing out the modern tribal designs. The tattoo artists are specializing more and more on these kinds of tattoo designs that are bold and equally represent the tribe, the culture and its importance.

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are the newest trend, especially among the young crowd. Well, getting a tattoo done is a long time trend. Initially, tattoo ideas were mostly conventional in nature. People preferred their or their loved ones name to be inked on their body. Today you can see tattoo gallery with innovative and fresh ideas. Looking for tattoo designs means you must come up with meaningful designs, such that it suits your personality and your character.

There are abundant tattoo galleries now available. Hence, making use of the internet helps in knowing the most popular and innovative design. You can opt for text tattoo design or prefer an out-an-out designer tattoo. You can get a famous slogan inked as tattoo design on your body. If you are a spiritual person, you can get the philosophical lines inked on you. Tattoo ideas also include getting a tattoo of their beloved’s name or a picture pet tattooed. In fact, some display large scenes.

In case you are looking for cool styles of tattoo, you must think out of the box. However, this is not a strict rule that you must get tattoo designs that are available in the tattoo gallery. You may come with original tattoo designs or also consider most popular drawings. You can also come with unique tattoo ideas such that the drawing has all the elements of your choice.

Coming across tattoo designs that are hip and cool alone is not enough. It is also important to make sure you approach a professional tattoo artist. Bear in mind that the tattoo prints will live on your body for your life time. Hence, you must be absolutely sure of the artist and their skills. It is equally important to make your mind, so that you do not regret your decision a few weeks later and work on concealing the tattoo.

Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo designs are now very popular. Are you planning to have letters and special characters tattooed? Remember that tattoos are permanent ink and so consider styles and tattoo fonts that are hip and cool. You can search the internet for cool and stylish fonts.

There are various new designs available and make a unique style. Tattoo fonts are an important factor to be considered while you input the design and characters. This is because it helps in establishing uniformity in the characters. However, while finalizing the design, you may make few samples and consult your tattoo expert artist; so that you can know the design that is hip now and suit the best tattoo design.

Speaking of tattoo fonts, the icy and fiery styles are most sought after styles. These are the popular designs and present a cool personality. It is eye catching. The hippest designs of tattoos are the ones with sharp, strong and icy fonts. Pick tattoos that will last for a long time in the fashion.

Having names tattooed represents characters and you can express your desire by having the name on your skin. The names can be of your loved ones who are no more as well or of a tribe revealing your loyalty. To be precise, a perfect tattoo is the one that does not go really with what others are thinking about you or the tattoo. It is your interest to bring out the meaning of it. You can make the tattoo design and the font special to suit your feelings.

Kanji Japanese calligraphy tattoo fonts are highly popular. This Kanji is in two styles, Sosho and Mincho Kanji. Sosho Kanji is modern and cursive Kanji style, while the Minco Kanji is same as English Times New Roman style. Yet, before choosing a tattoo, understand the perfect meaning and get unique fonts.