Braided Hairstyles

Braids are very famous nowadays. There are a range of different Braided Hairstyles which one can try on their hair. The first is a flirty hairstyle. This includes a French braid in the beginning followed by a fish tail that goes near the end of the ear. As it reaches near the neck, an alternative braid is started and the front section of the hair is left out. This makes a complete look and gives a trendy touch as well. This hairstyle is loved by all those who have long sleek hair.

Other Braided Hairstyles include the one in which you can take two sections from the front of your hair and tie them in the back with a rubber band. Then a topystail is made by them by pulling the tail up and from the gap which is between the rubber band and the scalp. Then a simple fish tail is made from it. In the end all the pieces are pulled out and a messy look is obtained finally. This messy look is preferred by all those who have wavy hair and they did not get time to straighten them up.

There are also some very stylish Braided Hairstyles which add extra volume to your hair. In these hairstyles all you have to do is to tease your root and select the heavy section of the hair in the front and make a braid out of it. When you are about to end the braid, a small piece is taken out and wrapped around the braid and then the hair are tied with a rubber band. This is a very quickly made hairstyle and can be made if you are in a rush. It also gives volume to the hair.

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